Scientific team "CREATIVE WAY" currently works with a team of Bulgarian and foreign scientists on a scientific project DTC-02/35:

Development of a Device and Method for Studying Osmotic Processes under Electromagnetic Influences with Application
for Destruction of Tumor Cell Lines

Work Programme

Scientific tasks, articles, studies and experiments on the scientific project DTC-02/35. Publications in journals, participation in seminars and conferences. 

Content of the stageDuration
01. Three work places for the teams equipped with the device and elements necessary for the investigations 19-21 months (3 months) 
02. Buying the necessary for the experimental work new equipment and consumables 19-33 months (15 months) 
03. Investigation of impeded osmotic processes in electromagnetic fields – static and alternating 22-33 months (12 months) 
04. Theoretical biological analysis for preparation of the experimental device 19-21 months (3 months) 
05. Investigation of combined osmotic-electromagnetic influences and cytotoxic agents upon cell cultures 22-33 months (12 months) 
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Research reports, articles and publications to members of the scientific team. Presentation of problems, solutions and results of experiments carried out ...


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  • New Publication The article "Modeling of osmotic kinetics in aqueous solutions, based on experimental data" by Emil Manev, Kiril Kolikov, Ivan Minkov and Boryan Radoev was recently publised in the international scientific ...
    Posted 24 Oct 2014, 06:49 by Научен Колектив
  • New Publication The article "Model of Close Packing for Determination of the Major Characteristics of the Liquid Dispersions Components" by Kiril Kolikov, Dimo Hristozov, Radka Koleva and Georgi Krustev was recently publised ...
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  • New Publication The article "Equilibrium and dynamic osmotic behaviour of aqueous solutions with varied concentration at constant and variable volume" by Ivan Minkov, Emil Manev, Svetla Sazdanova and Kiril Kolikov was recently ...
    Posted 10 Jan 2014, 06:50 by Научен Колектив
  • Scientific seminar 09-10.11.2013 In UTB Pamporovo of Plovdiv Universiti "Paisii Hilendarski" during 09-10.11.2013 a scientific seminar was held in the collective research project TO 1/2 with a discussions on ...
    Posted 22 Nov 2013, 01:52 by Научен Колектив
  • Participation on scientific conference On 30.10.2013 Kiril Kolikov, Dimo Hristozov and Yordan Epitropov participate in Scientific session of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria - Plovdiv. Kiril Kolikov reported: "Hydraulic piezogenerator of electric ...
    Posted 22 Nov 2013, 01:54 by Научен Колектив
  • AudioSlides Due to the ranking of the article "Electrostatic interaction between two conducting spheres" by Kiril Kolikov, Dragia Ivanov, Georgi Krastev, Yordan Epitropov, Stefan Bozhkov among the twenty-five most downloaded ...
    Posted 5 Nov 2013, 01:41 by Научен Колектив
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