Scientific project: Development of a Device and Method for the Investigation of Osmotic Processes under Electromagnetic Wave Influence with Application for the Destruction of Tumor Cell Lines

The project aims at developing a complex theoretical and experimental method and constructing an original device for the investigation of osmotic processes in confined volume under electromagnetic influences. The method and device targeted application is the investigation of osmotic electromagnetic influences upon cancer cell cultures.

The concept of the Project is, firstly, on the basis of these investigations, to develop a computer simulation model of the processes occurring in a humane cell. Secondly, to test the reliability of the model by means of the specially designed for the purpose device that is a physico-chemical model of the cell. Thirdly, to carry out investigations of cell cultures, based on the outcome of the physico-chemical experiments. The analysis of the results achieved at these stages will allow corrections in the computer and physico-chemical models, in order to bring them close to reality, after which the models will be tested again experimentally and analyzed…

By means of this device the osmotic process in confined volume is realized under chosen conditions: type of membrane; composition of the solutions (including various nanoparticles introduced); temperature and external pressure. Electromagnetic fields with different characteristics – stationary and variable – will be applied. In addition, pilot studies involving electromagnetic influences will be carried out upon cell cultures. Thus, the present method becomes a tool for seeking new possibilities in the investigation of cancer cell cultures under electromagnetic influences.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the project, a team of researchers with different fields of expertise from several Bulgarian and American scientific institutions will work on the tasks related to the realization of the project.

The obtained results will be applicable not only to medicine, but also to physical chemistry, food technologies, cosmetics and other areas of science and economy. The method and device as developed can be applied in the area of environmental protection practice for the purification of solutions from unwanted (harmful) contaminations..