Expected results of the implementation of Project DTK-02/35 

  1. Operational model of the complex osmotic device (three experimental models) for investigation of osmotic-electromagnetic influences and a new method for investigation of impeded osmosis and sedimentation processes.
  2. Physicochemical research of osmotic processes with electromagnetic fields.
  3. New experimental data for the cytotoxic activity of anticancer agents upon cell cultures under the influence of osmotic processes and electromagnetic fields.
  4. Characterization of the interactions of carbohydrate-binding proteins with anticancer agents by means of spectroscopic methods.
  5. Mathematical models and statistical analysis of the results.
  6. Enhanced qualification of scientists from the participating organizations through short-term specializations in leading European centers.
  7. Reports and publications by the members of the team; post-graduate and PhD themes, related to the subjects of investigation for the young scientists and students in the team.