State of the scientific investigations on the theme of the project
in Bulgaria and abroad and actuality of scientific problems

The search for new methods of study and treatment of cancer, which can improve, reduce and even to replace the chemo - and radiation therapy, is a task, which has become recently a focus of the attention of the scientists in Europe and around the world. The influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) upon tumor diseases is getting recognized lately as a most promising alternative method. A major advantage of this approach is the reduction of the side effects, observed in the chemo- and radiation therapy on cell level, and tissue and organism level, as well.

During the fifties of the 20th century the scientists turned their attention to studying the biological effects, caused by the EMF and in the seventies, researches in Europe and America initiated studies on the effects of EMF upon tumor growth. Experimental investigations in Europe have shown the possibility of modifying and controlling the selective permeability of the cell wall through the action of electromagnetic waves [1,2].

The application of electromagnetic waves influence upon the growth of tumor cells is a relatively new and promising tendency in the cancer treatment. Since the oncology diseases put forward not only health problems but socio-economic problems as well, the present investigations concern social-economic sphere and could enable the solution of such problems. Despite the intensive studies, a general concept and a method for direct destruction of tumor cells is still absent. Besides, the combined influence of the osmotic processes (OP) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) upon the cancer cells is not studied yet. A very promising direction in the investigation of EMF application for cancer treatment is their distant influence upon nano-particles, selectively absorbed and integrated in tumor cells through OP.

With the aim of seeking new approaches in the complex therapy of cancer, we propose in the present project the development of a method and a device for investigation of osmotic processes and electromagnetic influences with application for purification of solutions and upon tumor cell lines.

Two years ago, members of our team started their theoretical investigations on OP, combined with electromagnetic, ultrasonic and vibrational influences. Some of the developments have been reported on scientific conferences and published, as well [3, 4]. Besides the theoretical studies, it is necessary to conduct experimental investigations which to extend the knowledge of these processes, particularly of the so called by us “impeded osmosis” phenomenon. This phenomenon is diffusion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane, upon which the natural increase of the volume of the solution is impeded by a mechanical influence; as a result, the pressure in this volume increases. The impeded osmosis is a process, which occurs in every living cell – vegetal or animal.

Besides the theoretical investigations, members of the team invented a device for membrane selection and purification of industrial fluids and biological objects, applied to osmotic-electromagnetic processes, having a potential application in the complex therapy of cancer. A patent application for this device has been made [5].

The electromagnetic-osmotic deviceis an innovative development that may find application for the destruction of tumor cells – as a potential alternative to the chemo- and radiationtherapy. In Bulgaria, there are not any fundamental investigations of the effect of EMF on tumor cells. In fact, even on an international scale, there are no data about the effect of OP in restricted volumes applied in combination with the EMF on tumor cells. The proposed investigations in our project aim at the application of the preceding theoretical developments and furthermore, they are natural continuation of the experimental studies of members of the project scientific team, such as the investigations of Prof. E. Manev on the self-organizations in systems with restrictions and of Dr. V. Bogoeva of tumor specific proteins with anticancer agents and the effects of their synthetic ligands on tumor cell lines.

According to the analysis of the development of the world-wide scientific investigations on the influences of EMF upon OP, as well as the special interest shown in the letters of support (see the annex) towards our proposed method and device, shown by the European scientific centers (the Medical faculty of Rome, Italy, the Biocenter, Innsbruck, Austria, and etc.), the scientific team considers that the present project will reveal new prospects for effective investigations related to cancer treatment.



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