Assoc. Prof. Dimo Hristozov, D.Sc.

Dimo Hristozov was born in 1936 in the Topolovgrad commune, Haskovo region of Bulgaria.

He is a graduate of Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” (MsC in Physics, 1958). For several years has been a teacher in the Haskovo high schools, before joining in 1963 the academic staff of the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Experimental Physics. In 1973 he defended his PhD-thesis on the physics of polymers. In 1974 he became Associate Professor of Physics, lecturing to students in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

From 1974 till 2003 Dimo Hristizov worked at the University of Food Technologies (UFT), Plovdiv and lectured in physics to students of technologies and mechanical engineering. As a head of the Department of Physics (1974-1982) he actively worked for the introduction of the physical knowledge into the UFT subjects.

In 1997 Dimo Hristizov defended a thesis “investigation of Sedimentation in Liquid Polydisperse Systems in the Food Industry” to receive ‘D.Sc. in Technical Sciences’ degree. He has 8 patents related to the subject. He has written several textbooks in physics.

Dimo Hristizov is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and actively participates with presentations on its scientific sessions.

Language proficiency: Russion – very good; English – good.

Specializations: Kiev Pedagogical University (1973); Moscow State University (1977).

D.Sc. Dimo Hristozov was a student and close collaborator of the distinguished Bulgarian scientist Prof. Todor Vassilev.


List of main publications:

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  7. K. Kolikov, G. Krastev, Y. Epitropov and D. Hristozov, Analytically determining of the absolute inaccuracy (error) of indirectly measurable variable and dimensionless scale characterising the quality of the experiment, 2010, Chemometr Intell Lab, 102, 15-19.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.chemolab.2010.03.001