Prof. Dragiya Ivanov, PhD

Dragiya Ivanov was born in 1943 in Mizia, Bulgaria.

He acquired Master’s degree in Physics and Physical Engineering in Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” (1968) and PhD in the Pedagogical University “A. I. Hertzen”, St. Petersburg, Russia (1977).

Since 2005 he is a professor in the Department of Physics Education at Plovdiv University. Member of the Union of Physicist in Bulgaria.

Professional opinion about him can be given by Prof. DSc Nikola Balabanov, Prof. DSc Nikolay Velchev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zhelyazka Raykova, from the Faculty of Physics of Plovdiv University.

Languages: Russian and English.

Prof. D. Ivanov participates in international projects: EUROPEAN TRAINING FOR STUDENT TEACHERS IN SCIENCE: EU-TRAIN 226518-CP-1-2005-1-FI, on the Jan Komenski 2.1. Program, and CAT European Project – “The effective use of computer aided teaching and learning materials in science teaching”, as well as in 6 University projects.

In the past 10 years he has participated in research teams in the field of classical mechanics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, optics and nuclear physics. His activities in the past 10 years have resulted in 52 publications, 2 presentations on scientific conferences and 13 textbooks.

In electrostatics he put forward a concept of finding the exact analytical solutions for the potential, the energy of the bond and the force of electrostatic interaction of two spheres. The solutions as obtained, and their interpretation, have allowed his expressing the idea of the electromagnetic nature of the nuclear forces.

In the field of the statics of fluids, he interpreted the pressure and the Archimedean force of non-inertial starting systems, which allowed his finding the exact expressions for the centrifugal force.

Prof. Ivanov is a contributor to prestigious international scientific and educational journals in physics, as e.g. Physics Teacher (USA), Physics Education (UK), Physics at School (Russia) and Physics (Bulgaria).

List of main publications:
  1.  Kiril Kolikov, Dragia Ivanov, Georgi Krastev†. Electromagnetic nature of the nuclear forces and a toroid model of nucleons in atomic nuclei. Natural Science, 1, p. 47-56, 2012.
    DOI: 10.4236/ns.2012.41008
  2. Kiril Kolikov, Dragia Ivanov, Georgi Krastev†. Electromagnetic nature of the nuclear forces and toroid structure of the deuteron and triton. Natural Science, 2, p. 123-130, 2012.
    DOI: 10.4236/ns.2012.42018
  3. Kiril Kolikov, Dragia Ivanov, Georgi Krastev†, Yordan Epitropov, Stefan Bozhkov. Electrostatic interaction between two conducting spheres. Journal of Electrostatics, 70, p. 91-96, 2012.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.elstat.2011.10.008
  4. D. Ivanov, S. Nikolov, Demonstration of wave optics (interference and diffraction of light) for large audiences using a laser and a multimedia projector, Physics Education, November, № 6, Vol. 46, p. 705-709, 2011.
  5. D. Ivanov, S. Nikolov, White–light diffraction with a CD, Physics Education, November, № 6, p. 227-228, 2010.
  6. D. Ivanov, Thermal polarization, Physics, № 5, p. 242-244 – BG, 2008. 7. D. Ivanov, S. Nikolov, Experiments of light interference from thin glass plates, Physics, № 6, p. 56-63 – BG, 2011.