Assist. Prof. Yordan Epitropov

Yordan Epitropov is born in 1963 in the town of Tervel, Bulgaria.

He received his Master’s degree in mathematics from Plovdiv University ‘P. Hilendarski’ in 1987.

He works in Plovdiv University ‘P. Hilendarski’ as a Head assistant (since 2003). He gives lectures in Theory of polynomials and algebraic equations, Linear algebra and analytical geometry, Algebraic coding theory, Algebraic theory of numbers.

He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (since 1989) and the Union of Bulgarian Scientists (since 2008) as well as co-founder and member of Association ‘Way of the Creativity (since 2010).

The following people can give a professional recommendation or opinion about him – Prof. Todor Mollov, D.Sc. (PU ‘P. Hilendarski’, FMI), Prof. Nako Nachev, D.Sc. (PU ‘P. Hilendarski’, FMI), Prof. Dragiya Ivanov, PhD (PU ‘P. Hilendarski’, FPh).

He uses Russian, English and German languages.

In 2002 as part of the DAAD-program ‘Akademischer Neuaufbau Suedosteuropa’ of the project ‘Centre of excellence for applications of mathematics’ he specialises coding theory and applications in the communication technologies. As a manager of FMI’s mathematics team he takes part in SEEMOUS (Athens, 2008 and Plovdiv, 2010). He participated with reports at the International conference of young scientists (Plovdiv, 2009), the International scientific conference ‘Research and Education in Mathematics, Informatics and their Applications’ – REMIA (Plovdiv, 2010) and the International conference ‘Engineering, Technologies and Systems’ – TechSys (Plovdiv, 2011).

At the beginning of his scientific work he focuses mainly on Algebra (Group, ring and field theory,) and has 3 publications, 2 problem books and 1 digital handbook. In the period 1991-4 he takes part in a project MM70/91 ‘Special classes of crossed products’. In the period 2011-2012 he takes part in project NI11-FMI-004 ‘Development and application of innovative ICT for conducting of quality competitive scientific researches and general update of the process of education in FMI’.

In the last years he works in the field of Applied mathematics (Theory of inaccuracies, Electrostatics) and has 14 publications in these areas. In 2012 he takes part as a consultant in project DTK 02/35 ‘Developing a device and a method for investigation of osmotic processes under electromagnetic influence with application for the destruction of tumor cell lines’.


His main publications include the following:

  1. J. Epitropov, On the unit groups of the modular group algebras of the abelian groups, Plovdiv University „P. Hilendarski“, Bulgaria, Scientific works, Vol. 30, Book 3, 1993, Mathematics, 19-22.
  2. J. Epitropov, T. Mollov and N. Nachev, On the minimal idempotents of twisted group algebras of cyclic 2-groups, Mathematica Balkanica, vol. 12, 1998, fasc. 3-4, 321-328.
  3. K. Kolikov, G. Krastev, J. Epitropov and D. Hristozov, Analytically determining of the absolute inaccuracy (error) of indirectly measurable variable and dimensionless scale characterising the quality of the experiment, Chemometr Intell Lab, 102 (2010) 15-19.
  4. K. Kolikov, D. Ivanov, G. Krastev, J. Epitropov and S. Bozhkov, Electrostatic interaction between two conducting spheres, J Electrostat, 70 (2012) 91-96.