Members of the scientific team

The members of the scientific team have contributed in numerous studies in science: physicochemical, molecular biological, physical and engineering, math and more.

Assoc. Prof. Kiril Kolikov, PhD – leader of the scientific team

Рrof. Emil Manev, D.Sc.  – leader of the team from SU

Assist. Prof. Vanya Bogoeva, PhD  – leader of the team from BAS

† Assist. Prof. Georgi Krustev, MSc  – from PU

Eng. Elena Peeva, MSc  – from PU

Assist. Prof. Hristina Kulina, MSc  – from PU

Assist. Prof. Ivan Minkov, PhD  – from SU

Svetla Sazdanova-Maneva, MSc  – from SU

Assist. Prof. Ivan Ivanov, PhD  – from BAS

Assist. Prof. Daniela Dimitrova, PhD  – from BAS

Assist. Prof. Lidia Petrova, MSc  – from BAS


The research team, together with the consultants is highly interdisciplinary group of experts from different institutions and countries. Between the members of the team exist dynamic relationships from previous collaborations in specific areas, particularly in theoretical studies related to the project.