Assist. Prof. Daniela Dimitrova, PhD

Daniela Dimitrova was born in Pernik in 1966.
She acquired MSc-degree in biology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (1991), where she has also defended her PhD thesis “Effect of Ghrelin on the Contractive Activity of Isolated Arteries from Different Vascular Beds” (2010) under the supervision of Prof. Christo Gagov.
She has worked as a biologist successively in several institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS): the Institute of Physiology (1995-1996), the Institute of Molecular Biology (1996-1999), the Institute of Experimental Morphology and Anthropology (1999-2002); as a research associate at the Institute of Experimental Morphology and Anthropology and the Institute of Biophysics (2002-2011).
Since 2004 she is an assistant professor at the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering of BAS.
Professional recommendations for her could be obtained from Prof. Andon Kossev, and Prof. Diana Stephanova, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, BAS, and Prof. Hristo Gagov, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
Daniela Dimitrova has specialized at the Institute of Aging Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2006-2007 and the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the Heidelberg University, Germany in 2010.
Languages: English and Russian.
Her present area of scientific interests includes the biochemistry and physiology of smooth muscles, contractile behavior of vascular smooth muscles, physiology of tumor blood vessels, aspects of molecular and cellular biology of plant, animal and tumor cells, effects of naturally derived substances on malignant tumors.
Daniela Dimitrova has 20 scientific publications. During the period of her career at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences she has participated in a variety of scientific projects, provided by grants of the Scientific Research Fund at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

List of main publications:

  1. Dimitrova DZ, Dimitrov SD, Iliev I, Mladenov MI, Hristov KL, Mihov DN, Duridanova DB, Gagov HS. (2010). Ghrelin signaling in human mesenteric arteries. J Physiol Pharmacol. Aug; 61(4):383-90
  2. Dimitrova D., Georgiev O., Valkova C., Atanasova B., Karagyozov L (2008). Limited variability of CTG/CAG repeats in Lycopersicon nuclear DNA. Biologia plantarum, 52(1): 149-152
  3. Mladenov MI, Hristov KL, Dimitrova DZ, Schubert R, Lubomirov LT, Gjorgoski IK, Duridanova DB, Gagov HS (2008). Ghrelin signalling in guinea-pig femoral artery smooth muscle cells. Acta Physiol (Oxf). 194(3): 195-2006
  4. Dimitrova DZ, Mihov DN, Wang R, Hristov KL, Rizov LI, Bolton TB, Duridanova DB (2007). Contractile effect of ghrelin on isolated guinea-pig renal arteries. Vascul. Pharmacol. 47(1): 31-40
  5. Christov V, Mikhova B, Alexandrova R, Dimitrova D, Nikolova E, Evstatieva L. Alkaloids from the roots of Senecio macedonicus Griseb. Z Naturforsch C. (2002); 57(9-10): 780-4