Рrof. Emil Manev, D.Sc.

Професор Емил Манев

Emil D. Manev was born in 1939 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Acquired MSc degree in Chemistry at Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, 1961. Defended a Ph.D. thesis “Spontaneous self-destruction of Thin Liquid films” at Sofia University, 1973 and a thesis “Effects of Surfactants and Surface Forces on the Behaviour and Stability of Thin Liquid films” for the scientific degree Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), 2001. Joins the academic staff of SU “St Kliment Ohridski” – Faculty of Chemistry in 1962: as an Assistant Professor (1962-1977), Associate Professor (1977-2002), and Professor (2002-2007). Lectured at Sofia University, and Shumen University in Physical Chemistry, Colloid Chemistry, Liquid Surfaces, Surfactants, Foamers and Antifoams, Physico-chemical Problems of Environmental Chemistry.

Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (1967), International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists (IACIS, 1989), International Association of Fulbright Alimni – 2001, European Colloid and Interface Science – 2007. Bearer of the Sofia University “St.Kliment Ochridski” Sign of Honour – 1st Degree (1999). Senior Fulbright Scientist (2000).

He has first-rate knowledge of English and Russian; uses also French and Swedish.

Emil Manev was a student and long-term collaborator of the founder of the Bulgarian colloid school, academician Alexei Scheludko. During the years he has collaborated also with a number of other scientists with world-wide renown. He has worked and specialized in many prestigious international scientific centers: Department of Colloid Science, Cambridge University (1968-69); Department of Mineral Processing, Imperial College, London (1969); Department of Colloid Chemistry, Moscow State University (1974); Department of Physical Chemistry, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay (1976); Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Membranes, Université Déscartes/CNRS, Paris (1976); Department of Mining and Mineral Technology, Columbia University, New York (1978-80); Department of Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (1980-81); Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands (1989); Institute for Surface Chemistry, Stockholm (1989-92, 1993, 1994); Mining Academy, Freiberg, Germany (2000); Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California - Berkeley, (2000-2001); Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2002-2003, 2004, 2006).

In 2005-2008 E. Manev was a coordinator (leader) of the Bulgarian team from Sofia and Shumen Universities in a joint European Marie Curie - project on the complex investigation of the properties and behaviour of solutions of surfactants and polymers “Self-organization under Confinement” (MCRTN-512331-SOCON).

Emil Manev has more than 120 scientific publications, mostly in the field of Colloid and Surface Science: dynamic behaviour, stability and spontaneous self-destruction of thin liquid films and disperse systems (foam, emulsion, suspension, wetting of solid surfaces); surface forces, surfactant adsorption, flotation, as well as liquid-crystalline state, and osmotic processes. Most of his works are published in prestigious specialized journals and are cited on more than 900 places in the international scientific literature.


List of main publications:

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