Assist. Prof. Lidia Petrova

Lidia Petrova was born in 1983 in Silistra, Bulgaria. In 2008 she acquired Master’s degree in Biochemistry at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
Since 2010 she has worked as an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Molecular Biology “Roumen Tsanev”, BAS.

She is a member of the Bulgarian Union of Scientists since 2008.

Professional recommendations for Lidia Petrova could be given by Prof. Georgi Russev and Dr. Vanya Bogoeva, from IMB-BAS; Assoc. Prof. Mariela Odjakova from the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University.

She has participated in the ‘Young Scientist Forum 2011’ (Torino, 23-25 June) and the 36th FEBS Congress –

Biochemistry for Tomorrow’s Medicine, Torino 25-30 June, 2011.

Lidia Petrova has an Upper Intermediate Degree in English.

List of main publications:

  1. D’Auria S, Petrova L, John C, Russev G, Varriale A, Bogoeva V. Tumor-specific protein human galectin-1 interacts with anticancer agents. Mol. Biosyst., 2009; 5: 1331-1336. IF 3.8, ISSN 1742-206X
  2. Bogoeva V, Petrova L, Ivanov I, Kulina H, Russev G. Interaction of Wheat germ agglutinin with porphyrin compounds – potential anticancer agents. Biotechnol. Biotec. Eq. 2011; 25(3): 2519-21. IF 0.5, ISSN 1310-2818