Svetla Sazdanova-Maneva, MSc

Svetla Sazdanova-Maneva was born in 1948 in Sofiа. She graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; with MSc-degree in chemistry (1977).
Svetla Sazdanova has worked at Sofia University as a chemist (1977-2010), participating in the scientific research of the Laboratory of Liquid Surfaces and Thin Films at the Department of Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Chemistry. She has worked in prestigious international scientific centers: with Prof. P. Somasundaran in the Laboratory of Mineral Technology of Columbia University, New York (1978-1980) and Prof. D. Wasan in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago (1980-1981).

Speaks fluent English; uses also Russian, French and Swedish.

Professional reference for Svetla Sazdanova can be provided by Prof. B. Radoev (SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy), Assoc. Prof. K. Kolikov (PU “Paisii Hilendarski”), Dr. V. Bogoeva, (Institute of Molecular Microbiology, BAS).

S. Sazdanova has 9 scientific publications on the dynamic behaviour, stability and spontaneous self-destruction of thin liquid films; behaviour of surfactants in solution, surfactant adsorption and osmotic processes, with more than 50 citations in the international scientific literature. In the time period 2005-2008 she has actively participated in the research of the Bulgarian team from Sofia and Shumen Universities in the large European project on the complex study of the behaviour and properties of surfactant and polymer solutions “Self-organization under Confinement” (MCRTN-512331-SOCON). Presently she takes part in the studies of osmotic processes in object of biological interest for a national project with the Fund for Scientific Investigations (Project # DTK 02/25 “Development of a Device and Method for Investigation of Osmotic Processes under Electromagnetic Wave Influence with Application for the Destruction of Tumor Cellular Lines”).

List of main publications:

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  9. I. Minkov, E. Manev, S. Sazdanova, K.Kolikov, Tests of the modified device for studying osmotic processes. Analysis of the results obtained at varied experimental conditions, Plovdiv Univ. Ann. (in press).