Assist. Prof. Vanya Bogoeva, PhD

Vanya Bogoeva was born in Bourgas, Bulgaria.
She received her Master’s degree in Biology in 1994 at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She defended her PhD thesis at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2007; Prof. Raina Boteva supervisor.
Since 2010 she has been working as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Molecular Biology of the Cell Cycle at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Sofia.
Vanya Bogoeva is a member of the Bulgarian Biochemical and Biophysical Society (a collective member of FEBS) Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria since 2006.
Recommendations for her could be given by: Prof. George Russev, Prof. Raina Boteva, Prof. Sabato D'Àuria. Languages: English, Russian.

Participations in scientific projects:

Project № DTC 02/35: „Development of a Device and Method for Studying Osmotic Processes under Electromagnetic Influences with Application for Destruction of Tumor Cell Lines” with the Scientific research Fund at the Ministry of Education, Bulgaria; leader Assoc. Prof. К. Kolikov.
Research project ICGEB 2008-2010.
Project Contract BG051PO001-3.3.04/58.
Аustrian-Bulgarian project 2003-2005

The scientific research of Dr. V. Bogoeva is focused on the conformational and functional characterization of the interactions of human galectins 1, 3 (tumor specific proteins), plant and animal lectins with anticancer agents and Photosensitizers in relation to their application in anticancer and photodynamic therapy of cancer.

Recent Publications:

  1. Bogoeva V, Ivanov I, Kulina H, Russev G, Atanassova L, A novel cytokinin-binding property of mistletoe lectin I from Viscum album, Biotechnol. Biotec. Eq. 2012 (accepted).
  2. Bogoeva, V.P., Petrova L, Ivanov I, Kulina H, and Buchvarov I, Characterization of metalloanticancer capacity of an agglutinin from wheat. Mol Biosyst, 2012. 8(10): p. 2633-6.
  3. Bogoeva V, Petrova L, Ivanov I, Kulina H, Russev G. Interaction of Wheat germ agglutinin with porphyrin compounds – potential anticancer agents. Biotechnol. Biotec. Eq. 2011; 25(3): 2519-21., ISSN 1310-2818
  4. Bogoeva, V.P., A. Varriale, C.M. John, and S. D'Auria, Human galectin-3 interacts with two anticancer drugs. Proteomics, 2010. 10(10): p. 1946-53.
  5. D'Auria, S., L. Petrova, C. John, G. Russev, A. Varriale, and V. Bogoeva, Tumor-specific protein human galectin-1 interacts with anticancer agents. Mol Biosyst, 2009. 5(11): p. 1331-6.
  6. Bogoeva, V.P. and G.C. Russev, Fluorescence study of steroid hormone binding activity of Helix pomatia agglutinin. Steroids, 2008. 73(11): p. 1060-5.