Role of the participating organizations

Basic organization

  1. Mathematical Faculty of Plovdiv University
  2. The Faculty of Physics, Plovdiv University
The beneficiary - University of Plovdiv “Paisiy Hilendarski” has the necessary capacity for successful implementation of this project. As a leading cultural, educational and scientific institution in the Republic of Bulgaria, it provides training to students in the 40 fields of higher education: natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and economics The University’s buildings are situated in Plovdiv. Sections has been opened in Smolyan and Kurdjali.
Plovdiv University has library, publishing house, University Information Centre, laboratories, language centers, multimedia and computer rooms, distance learning center, career center, scientific research activity department, sport center, training theatre, technical centers, service desks.
The University maintains active relations with all European countries, USA and some of the Asiaan an African countries. It participates autonomously or as a partner of other European Universities in the programs of EU and in American and Swedish funds for scientific researches.

1.1. Mathematical Faculty of Plovdiv University 
Faculty of mathematics and informatics (FMI) is well-known center for scientific research and preparation of specialists in the field of mathematics, informatics and information technologies. FMI has 12 modern computer rooms with more than 200 working places, multimedia, video room, laboratory for interactive mathematics, constant internet access in the computer rooms and cabinets of the professors, as well as wi fi access on the territory of the building and the backyard with software and information materials available for home use by students and professors.

1.2. The Faculty of Physics, Plovdiv University 
The Faculty of Physics of Plovdiv University prepares researchers and specialists in the field of physics, electronics, laser technologies, nuclear physical methods, polymer materials, computer jobs etc. The Faculty has 15 laboratories, 3 computer rooms, 2 specialized rooms for studying of modern technical facilities for teaching, a "Mikrotron" laboratory, and 4 workshops.

Project partners

Experimental base of the Institute for Molecular Biology/IMB/, BAS, Sofia 

The Section of Molecular Biology of Cell Cycle is a part of the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in BAS. IMB is a leading national institute in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry and it is a member of the UNESCO Global Network for Molecular and Cell biology (MCBN).
IMB has a standard laboratory equipment, including for cell cultures, centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, real time PCR machine, a room and equipment for working with radioactive compounds, etc.
The Institute has an inverted fluorescent microscope Zeiss Axiovert 200 M, Apo Tom with a digital camera, flow cytometer BD FACS Calibur and Odyssey equipment.