Scientific project TO 1/2


The project is a fundamental investigation, aiming at the development of an osmotic method for energy production.

Osmosis is diffusion of solvent through a semipermeable membrane, at which osmotic pressure is created in the solution. Members of the team have already initiated investigations in this field.

The accomplishment of the project aims and the recognition of the method require theoretical and experimental investigations and the construction of a hybrid osmotic machine.

The osmotic method can be developed by combining it with another source of energy for maintaining the temperature of the dynamic osmotic process regime.

The nature of the osmotic processes is investigated theoretically. The experimental tasks of the fundamental research aim at studying the dynamics of the osmotic processes under diverse conditions: types of solutions and membranes, temperature, etc., and finding the most efficient ways of transformation of osmotic pressure into energy.

The project is interdisciplinary – it combines the principles and methods of physical chemistry, thermodynamics, computing and engineering. That is why, a team of researchers from different areas of expertise works on the implementation of scientific tasks.

The significance of the project is multidisciplinary and involves application of its results in power engineering, environment, etc. At the successful completion of even some of the project tasks, the socio-economic and environmental effects will be significant and will benefit the whole of society.