Aims of the project

· The main scientific objective of the project  
To explore osmotic processes and develop a method for transformation of the osmotic pressure into energy, which can be confirmed by constructing of hybrid osmotic engine.
· Specific scientific aims of the project
  1. Study of the current state of the theoretical studies of osmotic processes and their application. 
  2. Theoretical researches of osmotic processes.  
  3. Developing a method for transformation of osmotic pressure into useful work.
  4. Creation of different variants of the method for conversion of the osmotic pressure into energy.
  5. Confirmation of the variants of the method by constructing prototypes of osmotic devices and engines.
  6. Further development of the method by establishing modes of maintaining optimal conditions for the osmotic processes through combination with other source of energy.
  7. Constructing prototypes of hybrid osmotic engines for testing and validation of the improved method.
  8. Evaluation of the effectiveness and reliability of the method.
· Socio-economic objectives of the project  
  1. Development of a new method for the production of green energy.
  2. Building scientific network for transfer of knowledge between national and European research centers.
  3. Creation of a favorable environment for the development of young scientists and conditions for training BSc, MSc and PhD students in interdisciplinary fields, associating physical chemistry, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, mathematics, engineering and other sciences.
  4. Generating experimental results, which will help to intensify the science-business relationship in these directions.
Achieving the objectives of the project will open possibilities for their future application in energy production.