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In 1984 Kiril Kolikov, a mathematician from the Department of Algebra of Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, has been invited by the physicists Georgi Krustev and Dragiya Ivanov to a collaboration with the aim to study the electrostatic interaction between two electrically charged conductive spheres and obtain exact analytical formulae. Overcoming many calculation difficulties Kiril Kolikov, with the help of the physicists, succeeded in solving this problem and as a result a joint publication was released.

This established mutual respect and compassion amid the three scientists. As the years passed, the respect grew into creative collaboration and friendship. The reason for it was the idea of Georgi Krustev and Dragiya Ivanov to apply the work on the electrical interaction between two spheres in the nuclear physics, to studying the electromagnetic interaction between protons and neutrons in the atomic nuclei.

Georgi Krustev and Kiril Kolikov extended their joint work to diverse domains of science: Fluid Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Classical Mechanics, Electrostatics, Theory of the Inaccuracies, etc. A number of articles in different areas have been presented before national and international conferences and published.

Yet, the ideas were abundant and that imposed the necessity of finding associates.

Interested in the subjects that were treated, the engineer-physicist Elena Peeva started with the computer processing of the articles as prepared for publication and gradually got fully involved in the team’s work.

As a result of the studies on impeded osmotic processes a “Device for membrane separation and selective purification of industrial products and bio-objects” has been developed and a patent application № 110-149 by Kolikov K.H has been submitted on 29.05.2008. Georgi Krustev and Elena Peeva have actively participated in the preparation of the patent application.

PhD Vanya Bogoeva from the Institute of Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Prof. Emil Manev from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, together with their teams, were drawn in the joint work related to the publication “Universal osmotic-electromagnetic method for studying and healing living organisms” and the application for a project with the National Fund for Scientific Research.

In 2009 the project “Development of a device for studying impeded osmotic processes and electromagnetic influences for destruction of tumor cell lines” won financing and the work on its implementation started.