Goals of the scientific team

To develop a device and a method for investigation of impeded osmotic processes in electromagnetic fields with application for the purification of solutions and studying the effects of combined electromagnetic and osmotic influences upon cell cultures.

  1. To perform experiments on impeded OP under different conditions depending on the composition, temperature, and pressure of solutions in order to study the mechanism of their running.

  2. To study the running of impeded OP in EMF possessing different characteristics.

  3. To study the influences of cytotoxic agents combined with OP and EMF upon cell cultures by determining the degree of livability/survival of the cells.

  4. To search for conditions and influences in which destruction of the tumor cell lines is realized.

  5. To build scientific network for larger scale investigations together with leading European scientific centers.

  6. To strengthen integration and cooperation among University of Sofia, University of Plovdiv, different Institutes of BAS and foreign institutions: The Biocenter in Innsbruck, Austria; The Medical Faculty of University of Rome, Italy; Moldovian State University, Chisinau, Moldova.

  7. To create favorable environment for young scientists and excellent conditions for teaching post-graduates and students in inter-disciplinary fields connecting biological, chemical, physical, engineering, mathematical, etc. sciences.

  8. To generate experimental results that could be presented to private enterprises in the field of bio-medicine providing intensification of the “science-business” links in the respective direction.